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We are the Montreal training site for The Hanen Centre It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop.

The It Takes Two to Talk Certification Workshop is a three-day workshop led by a specially trained Hanen Instructor. Offered over 100 times per year in venues around the world, this workshop equips SLPs to apply the Hanen approach to working with families of young children with language delays. This includes leading It Takes Two to Talk – The Hanen Program® for parents of children ages five and under.

For information about the workshop schedule around the world visit the Hanen website.

Success and Independent Learning (SAIL)

This educational therapy program provides a safe, supportive environment for children and young adults who, despite average to superior intelligence, are experiencing academic difficulty. A personalized learning profile and educational plan that identifies and strengthens underlying causes of learning difficulties will be developed for each student. This approach goes beyond what traditional tutoring can provide as it improves thinking skills and teaches students “how to learn,” rather than simply treating the symptoms. After school and flexible hours can be arranged.

For more information contact:  514-489-4320 x 221 or info@montrealfluency.com.

To submit an intake form for this program, please click here.

Click here to view the brochure for our SAIL Program.