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Do you think that your child is stuttering?

A new service for children under 4 years old

I think my child might be stuttering?  What should I do?

Developmental stuttering occurs in about 5% of children and the average age of onset is around 2-3 years.  In the majority of cases the stuttering remits spontaneously without need of treatment.  However, persistent stuttering left untreated can have serious social and emotional consequences for children.

If your your child is going through a period of stuttering and you are not sure what to do phone the centre to book an appointment to speak to a Speech Pathologist who is specialised in stuttering.  The clinician will answer your questions and put your child on a program to monitor severity of stuttering.  If the stuttering persists the therapist will advise you further.  There is no charge for this service.  Our goal is to increase awareness of early stuttering and to reduce parental concerns about it.

For more information phone the clinic at 514 489-4320, ext. 242.