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Does your child stutter? Get ready to go back to school! 


School aged children who stutter are often unable to access treatment during the busy school year. For these children the idea of going back to school can cause some stressful moments.  With this in mind the Montreal Fluency Team has organized a new program that will help children cope with some of the constraints of stuttering in the school setting.

If your child is aged 7+ consider sending our ‘back to school’ program.  The MFC staff have a great reputation for the successful treatment of stuttering in school aged children.  Using evidence-based clinical practice and updated clinical methodology that is not offered elsewhere, we provide effective and short-term treatment that is customized for the needs of the individual child and family.

Sessions can be individual or in pairs; if the children have similar stuttering patterns, age and objectives.  Treatment is aimed to get the child ready to start school with increased control and self-confidence.

  • Review/Preview: An individual consultation with parents to determine what the child’s short term goals are and to recommend a treatment program to address those goals
  • Establishment Period: 4-6 sessions over a period of 2 weeks before school that will establish the child’s short term goals to reduce stuttering and increase confidence.  Parent participation is essential to this part of the program, but meetings via telepractice can be arranged to suit the busy family.
  • Maintenance Period: This will include a second consultation with parents and child to determine the next step of treatment and a home program to maintain the short-term goals.  All children will have a third consultation one month after the start of school to review the objectives and maintenance of progress.  Children and their parents may choose to continue treatment or stall the progress until the child chooses to resume treatment.

Please note that most treatment can be provided through a combination of in-clinic and telepractice sessions

For information about this program contact:
Rosalee C. Shenker, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
514 489-4320, ext. 242 or Rosalee.shenker@montrealfluency.com