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SAIL Towards Success and Independent Learning!

sailSummer can be the perfect time to learn and practice skills without the demands of a busy schedule and competing demands. Take advantage of the learning potential summer can bring and register for one of SAIL’s special summer programs.  Our staff are trained in learning strategies and research-based methods known to be effective for students with learning difficulties and attention problems.

Sessions can be individual or in pairs; if the student’s have similar needs and skill level. Weekly and intensive sessions are available for the following programs:

  • “REVIEW/ PREVIEW”:    If you are worried your child will fall behind during the summer months, this program would be a good fit.  Fill in any gaps from the previous year and look forward to what will be taught in the next grade.
  • TRANSITION TO CEGEP:   Many students are not ready for the work demands and independent learning required for college life.  This program will focus on helping students know what to expect and develop the skills needed to make the jump to post-secondary.
  • FRENCH READING: Remedial French reading and writing program aimed at elementary student’s who have not mastered the skills of Cycle 1.   This program focuses on fundamental skills and strategies, but is tailored on the needs of the participants, as identified after an preliminary qualitative assessment.

Please contact Emily at info@montrealfluency.com for more detailed information or to register!