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Myths about stuttering

Myth  Stuttering is a normal part of children’s speech development.
Fact   Stuttering is a speech disorder and is not part of normal speech and language development.

Myth  All children grow out of stuttering.
Fact   Some will stop stuttering without therapy. Some will continue to stutter and will require professional help. At present we are unable to tell whether a child will recover without help. Remember that adults who stutter all began when they were very young.

Myth  Stuttering is caused by the way parents bring up their children.
Fact   Parents are the best people to help their children recover from stuttering. It is a physical condition with genetic involvement.

Myth  Children stutter because they are nervous and shy.
Fact   Children who stutter are just like other children, except that they sometimes have trouble talking.

Myth  I should finish a person’s sentence if they are stuttering.
Fact   The best way to help someone who stutters is to wait for them to finish what they have to say and to treat them like everyone else.

Myth  I should tell a person stuttering to slow down.
Fact   The person is struggling to talk as it is, and going slower may only prolong their difficulty. Let them speak at their own speed.