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Montreal Fluency Centre

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Speech & Language Treatment & Consultations

Preschool Language Therapy

Age: 3-6 years

Early assessment and treatment is essential to the development of critical language skills.  The MFC program tailors its resources to each child’s needs following comprehensive assessment.  Weekly sessions in the clinic are supported by helping parents and caregivers transfer practical and usable activities to daily out of clinic settings.  Parents are able to observe or assist in every session.  Individual sessions are sometimes enhanced by referral to other MFC groups.

Click here for A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Speech

Emergent Literacy

Language and literacy development are closely related. Emergent Literacy is the first stage of literacy development and current research shows that it is very important in the development of reading.  Successful beginning readers develop concepts about print at an early age, prior to entering school.

The MFC runs a group which focuses on all areas of Emergent Literacy, including oral language, emergent writing, print knowledge, alphabet knowledge, and phonological awareness. The group also coaches parents to implement the program objectives at home.

For more information contact our Intake Coordinator, 514-489-4320 ext.  237

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