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Speech & Language Treatment & Consultations

School Age Language Therapy

In Quebec alone approximately 10%, or 700,000 of all school children have difficulties in learning. This translates into two to three children per classroom. Of those children, at least 80% will have language difficulties associated with learning.

What can language difficulties look like in my school-age child?

  • below grade level expectations in the classroom
  • difficulty learning new vocabulary
  • word finding difficulties
  • difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas
  • problems summarizing information
  • problems following directions and understanding stories
  • difficulty with grammar
  • difficulty getting along with others
  • problems taking tests
  • difficulty learning to read and write.  Some children who have language difficulties also have reading, writing, and spelling difficulties

The Montreal Fluency Centre provides individualized assessment and treatment for school-age children that can include all or some of the following areas:

  • receptive language
  • expressive language
  • vocabulary understanding and use
  • narrative retelling skills
  • social-pragmatic language
  • written language- reading, writing, spelling (see our page on Reading & Writing)

Contact the Montreal Fluency Centre if you are concerned about your school-age child’s language.

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